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Heartbleed Bug Information


We do our best to ensure the security of your information while you are at our website. The recent news about the Heartbleed bug may lead to questions about your security on our website. Wilshire Online Banking is safe from the Heartbleed Bug after reviewing our systems and security.

Here are some tips to keep your online browsing safe regarding Heartbleed

  • Heartbleed is a security bug that uses a vulnerability in certain versions of Open SSL which Wilshire does not use on our site.
  • Be aware Heartbleed can affect any websites using Open SSL so if you have accounts on other websites, please make sure to verify that those websites have been fixed for Heartbleed.
  • A good idea in protecting yourself is having good password habits. Create passwords that are not easy to guess and it is not recommended to use the same password for multiple web sites, and remember to change your passwords periodically
  • We encourage you to monitor your accounts in Online Banking to notice any fraudulent transactions and to notify us immediately.

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