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Report a Phishing or Suspicious Email


How To Help Protect Yourself

A popular method that criminals use to trick people into providing their personal or financial information is sending out emails that appear to be sent by Wilshire Bank or another financial institution.

The email may ask you to go to a phony website and request you to input information such as your online banking ID & password and your personal or financial information.

  • If you receive an e-mail that looks like it is from a member of Wilshire Bank and it asks for personal or financial information, do not call the number in the e-mail nor click on any links.
  • Forward the phishing email to
  • Never send personal and/or financial information via unsecured email.
  • Do not trust email headers. They can be easily forged.

Tips On Identifying a Phishing or Suspicious Email

  • Asking for specific personal information: Wilshire Bank will never ask you to reply to an email with any personal information such as your Social Security number, ATM or Pin number.
  • System and security message: Phish emails may say that the bank needs to confirm important information and ask you to update your information online. Wilshire bank will never ask to verify information in this manner.
  • Urgent Appeals: The message may state that your account will be closed if you fail to respond or verify personal information. Wilshire Bank will never ask you to verify information in this manner
  • Odd-looking URLS: Many mailing programs will show you the destination URL of a website link or email address when you place your cursor on the link (Note: Do not click the link). The URL that is formatted or will take you to a phony site even if it includes Wilshire Bank as part of the URL.
  • Mispelling and grammar errors: Poor writing, typos, and visual design is another characteristic of suspicious emails or websites.

If you have sent personal information in response to a suspicious email or text message, please contact us at 866. 886. BANK (2265).  Representatives are available Monday - Friday from 7am to 6pm PST.

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