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Wilshire Bank is committed to providing you with a secure banking environment that protects your personal and financial information. Wilshire Bank has an email function that scrambles (i.e., encrypts) any personal, financial, or confidential information that we send you through email. Email encryption transmits and stores information in a format that is only accessible to parties with the correct password.

Secure emails will look different then the emails you have received from us in the past. The first thing you will notice is the word “[CONFIDENTIAL]” in the subject line. When you receive your first secure email from Wilshire State Bank, you are asked to visit a website to register a Username and Password. This one-time registration process is simple and only takes a few minutes to complete. After registration, you can read and respond to any secure email. Any responses or new messages are also encrypted. You cannot register in advance at this site; you must wait until you receive your first secure email.

Remember that not all email we send you is encrypted, and you should never send us information regarding your account numbers, debit card numbers and/or PIN numbers and passwords via unencrypted email.

If you receive suspicious emails from Wilshire Bank, please contact us at 866. 886. BANK (2265).  Representatives are available Monday - Friday from 7am to 6pm PST.

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