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Wilshire Bank is committed to reflect the communities' credit need by providing Small Business Loans, Community Development Loans, Home Mortgage Loans, and lending to Affordable Housing Developers.

  • Small Business Loans
    Loans to small businesses fuel the economy of our communities. Wilshire Bank, as an SBA Preferred Lender, is in position to help small businesses' credit needs.
  • Community Development Loans
    Developers and business owners who invest in Enterprise Community or Empowerment Zones revitalize neighborhoods by transforming communities through their projects. Wilshire Bank has financed these investments over the years.
  • Home Mortgage Loans
    Wilshire Bank is always looking for an opportunity to help the low and moderate income families to help their homeownership dreams become reality.
  • Affordable Housing Developer Financing
    Affordable housing projects help low and moderate income individuals securing their housing needs. Wilshire Bank is an experienced construction lender providing financing to affordable housing developers.


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