Surcharge-Free ATM Network

Wilshire Bank is proud to offer our valued customers surcharge-free access to over 54,000 ATMs nationwide by teaming up with Allpoint and MoneyPass!

When using any Allpoint or MoneyPass ATMs, Wilshire Bank’s debit and ATM cardholders can either withdraw money or check their balance without paying a surcharge fee!

Since Allpoint and MoneyPass represent two of the largest surcharge-free ATM networks in the U.S., Wilshire Bank cardholders can enjoy a larger ATM network than even most national banks.  Just look for the Allpoint or MoneyPass logo on the ATMs or search the ATM/branch locator to find the closest locations to withdraw your money without surcharges!

FAQs regarding Wilshire Bank’s surcharge-free ATM networks :

  • Q. What is an ATM surcharge fee? 

A. ATM surcharges are the fees the owner of ATM machines charge to all “foreign” cardholders (ie. someone that is not a customer of the institution owning the ATM) and typically range anywhere from $1.50 to $3.00 per transaction.


  • Q. Where are Allpoint and MoneyPass ATMs located? 

A. The 54,000+ Allpoint and MoneyPass ATMs are located everywhere across the country in convenient retail locations such as Rite Aid, Target, CVS, and Chevron as well as other financial institutions like US Bank.  Use the ATM/Branch locator above to find the Allpoint or MoneyPass ATM closest to you.


  • Q. What happens if the ATM still shows a “surcharge message” before the transaction while using an Allpoint or MoneyPass ATM machine? 

A. Due to limitations by most ATM machines in recognizing Allpoint or MoneyPass cards, you will often see the normal “surcharge message” asking you to agree to pay the transaction fee.  Go ahead and answer “yes” on the screen.  You will NOT be charged the fee which can be verified after the transaction by obtaining a copy of the receipt from the ATM machine that shows your total withdrawal amount.  For example, if you withdrew $40, the receipt should show $40 as opposed to $41.50 which would have included the surcharge fee. 
If you believe you were mistakenly charged a surcharge fee, please contact nearest branch where you can simply make a request for a refund.


  • Q. Can I use my existing debit or ATM card to start using Allpoint and MoneyPass ATMs surcharge-free?  

A. Absolutely!  There is no need to obtain a new card.  The existing card in your wallet or purse is all you need to start using these ATMs without a surcharge.

Don’t have a Wilshire Bank account?  Please contact any of our branches to treat yourself to one of the largest surcharge-free networks around.


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