Safe Deposit Boxes

Wilshire Bank offers you secure protection for your valuables and important documents.

Safe Deposit Rental Rates:

Size* Annual Fee**
5" x 2" $30.00
5" x 3" $40.00
5" x 5" $50.00
10" x 3" $80.00
10" x 5" $100.00
10" x 7" $130.00
10" x 10" $150.00
* Actual size may differ slightly
** $80 key deposit (Refundable)


Frequently Asked Questions :

  • Q. Why should I rent a safe deposit box? 

A. The modern safe deposit vault affords protection not obtainable in any other manner and at nominal cost.  Many of your documents and valuables are irreplaceable.  Even when replacement is possible, the annoyance, inconvenience and expenses is considerable.


  • Q. Does the rental involve red tape?

A. No, all you are asked to do is sign an agreement covering the rental of the box and provide adequate identification for your protection as well as ours.  A box is then assigned to you, and you are given two keys to it.  Whenever you wish to use it, you are requested to sign, signatures are quickly compared to the original agreement, and you are then given access to the box.


  • Q. What should be kept in a safe deposit box? 

A. Any valuables you desire, such as bonds, stock certificates, insurance policies, birth certificates, deeds, leases, wills, naturalization papers, social security cards, army and pension papers, agreements, contracts, treasured documents, jewelry, heirlooms, etc.


  • Q. May I have access to my safe deposit box as freely as I wish?  

A. Yes, you may remove or add to the contents of your safe deposit box at any time during regular business hours.


  • Q. Do I have complete privacy?  

A. Yes, you take your safe deposit box to a private area, which no one else can enter while you are in it.


  • Q. Can anyone else have access to my safe deposit box?  

A. No, unless you authorize (give your key) someone else to have access to it.


  • Q. In the event I lose my keys, is there a master key which will open the lock?  

A. No, each box is equipped with a double lock, requiring two keys—One is a guard key, the other is the customer’s key.  EACH KEY IS USELESS WITHOUT THE OTHER.  No one can open or lock your box without your key.


  • Q. If my key is found or stolen by someone else, can my safe deposit box be opened? 

A. No, your signature is on record and no one has access to the box whose signature does not correspond to that on file.


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