Trade Finance

With over 160 correspondents worldwide and with one of the most experienced teams in town, Wilshire Bank is uniquely positioned to best satisfy your trade finance needs.  Regardless of the size of your company and whether you are an exporter, an importer, or both, Wilshire Bank’s Trade Finance Department can provide you with the perfect solution to support your trade finance needs. 

Whether you just need to negotiate documents under a commercial letter of credit or you just need to transfer it, whether you need to open a commercial letter of credit, a standby or a letter of guarantee, a back-to-back letter of credit, a red clause letter of credit, a green clause letter of credit or you just need to send or receive goods on a documentary collection basis – we can handle the entire gamut, and we can most likely satisfy your request the same day we receive it! 

On a longer term, whether you are an importer or an exporter, we would work with you to structure a line of credit that would best fit your company’s particular characteristics and needs. We can team up with the SBA or with the Ex-Im Bank to better assist with your exports, and we can work with your current factor if you are an importer.

We are flexible, and we’d love to do business with you!


Products and Services:

For Exporters:

  • We can advise, negotiate, and pay commercial letters of credit you receive from your foreign buyers.
  • We can transfer your commercial letters of credit, issue assignment of proceeds, or issue back-to-back letters of credit favoring your suppliers.
  • We can issue stand-by letters of credit to guarantee your payment or your performance.
  • We can handle your outgoing, clean, or documentary collections.
  • We can set up lines of credit for you based either on commercial letters of credit you receive in your favor or on your foreign accounts receivable.  We would work closely with the Export Working Capital Program of the SBA, with Ex-Im Bank, or with other insurance companies to structure a facility that would best suit your needs.

For Importers:

  • We can issue and settle the entire gamut of commercial letters of credit on your behalf whether they are transferable, revolving, red clause, etc.
  • We can handle your incoming, clean, or documentary collections.
  • We can send wire transfers for you.
  • We can set up lines of credit for various needs such as:
            * To allow for issuance of letters of credit and subsequent Trust Receipt (T/R) or Bankers’ Acceptance (BA) financing
            * To finance your domestic purchases through Cash Advances (CA)
            * To cover your working capital needs
            * And much more…
To find out more how Wilshire Bank’s Trade Finance Department can help your company, call 213-387-3200 today!


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