Rainbow Savings


Designed for

Rainbow Savings Plan is an installment savings program designed specially for planned savers like you.  The plan will allow you to set aside a fixed amount each month to accumulate into a meaningful sum that can be used for business, investments, college tuition, vacation expenses, wedding preparation, or to a retirement fund.

Features & Benefits

  • Fixed high interest rate and APY* depending on a variety of monthly payments and maturities best suited to your needs
  • Allows you to collect a lump-sum contract amount at your desired maturity date by making fixed monthly payments
  • Automatic transfer from your account at Wilshire Bank or another financial institution

Transaction Limitations

  • One installment payment must be deposited into account on a monthly basis based on the installment contract with the bank. Any delays in monthly deposits past the deposit cycle date will reduce both the interest and the maturity withdrawal amount.
  • Failure to make three (3) consecutive monthly installments or cancellation of automatic transfers from a WB deposit account results in either closure of account or transfer to a Regular Savings Account
  • A $10.00 fee will be applied for every deposit in excess of three (3) within a quarterly cycle.

Effect of Closing an Account

  • If you close account before interest is credited, you will not receive the accrued interest
  • No early withdrawal penalty is imposed

Please refer to our ‘Rainbow Savings Plan’ Brochure or contact any Wilshire Bank branch for further information.


*APY means “Annual Percentage Yield”
Maximum contract amount is $100,000 per customer.
The minimum amount required to open an account and to obtain the APY for each term of maturity is the initial monthly installment payment as shown in the tables above.


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