Regular Savings


Designed for

Consumers that want a traditional savings account that earns interest on the entire account balance

Features & Benefits

  • Earn interest on entire balance
  • Free Internet Banking
  • Free ATM Card with access to surcharge-free ATMs
  • Free 24/7 Telebank Service access
  • Free At-Branch Service
  • Unlimited deposits and cash withdrawal transactions in person or at an ATM
  • No maintenance charge if minimum balance is met

Transaction Limitations

No more than six transfers to a third party or another account via Internet Banking, Telebank, automated clearing house, check, debit card, or similar order within one month; otherwise, this account may be closed

Minimum Balance Requirement to Waive Monthly Service Charge

Daily minimum balance of $500

Monthly Service Charge

  • No maintenance charge if minimum balance is met; otherwise $5 per month
  • $1 charge per withdrawal in excess of six

Minimum Opening Deposit



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