Collection Services

Improve your business cash flow by getting funds into your bank account more quickly and efficiently. Wilshire Bank offers a full suite of Treasury Management Collection Services to help you meet this business need.

ACH Origination (Debit Transactions)

Improve your cash flow and forecasting with the electronic funds transfer method using the Automated Clearing House (ACH) to collect payments from your customers or business partners.

Incoming Funds Transfer

Access your incoming funds quicker by allowing your business partners to pay you electronically via incoming wire or ACH. Upon receipt of funds into your Wilshire Bank account these funds are immediately available for use.

Lockbox Services

Accelerate collections and streamline remittance processing for improved cash flow with our Lockbox Services.


Save time and money by using our SpeeDeposit, the fastest and most advanced remote deposit service available.

Cash Vault

Businesses with high-volume cash needs benefit from our Cash Vault and Armored Carrier Service by reducing the risk of transporting cash to and from your business location. Cash Orders may be arranged for delivery directly to your business location.

Deposit Courier

Save time and increase office productivity by eliminating the need to go to the bank to make your check deposits. We can arrange to have your check deposits picked up by a third-party courier service and delivered directly to the bank for deposit into your Wilshire Bank accounts for same-day posting.

Merchant Card Services

Offer your customers multiple payment options through our Merchant Card Services which allow your business to access credit card, debit and ATM cards for payment of services or goods.

Night Drop

Convenience, convenience, convenience! Make your business' cash and check bank deposits when it is convenient for you by using our Night Drop Service. Deposits are processed the next business day while you are focusing on serving your customers.


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